Walk & Talk...at a pace to suit you

Many of us can relate to that sense of wellbeing we feel when we disconnect from the frenetic world around us and escape into nature. It encourages us to feel a sense of connectedness that can be hard to find in our daily lives. 

The traditional counselling room helps to create a safe space, in which clients feel able to explore their concerns.   For some, however, this can be a daunting prospect.  Walking side by side one another can make the process of counselling feel a more natural interaction, making it easier to talk about difficult emotions or experiences.  Counselling aims to help clients move forward with their lives – with walk and talk we are always moving forward!   It can be particularly beneficial for those suffering from loss, anxiety, stress or depression.

Being outdoors brings a myriad of benefits, helping to increase feelings of wellbeing. Even on a cloudy day, this will help to boost serotonin levels, giving your mood a lift.  Exercise too, has a big influence on how you feel and helps reduce stress.   

I work with clients in various locations around Cranleigh, Godalming and the Surrey Hills.  My current favourites are:

Winterfold and Holmbury Hill

Winkworth Arboretum (between Cranleigh and Godalming)

Milford and Rodborough Common

Whatever your activity levels, walk and talk can be a great option to help you feel better.  We move at your pace, so any level of fitness can be accommodated.  

Contact me for a free initial consultation online, by phone or person to see if walk and talk can help you.