Psychotherapy Online, in Cranleigh & Surrey Hills

Clair Neill

For you right now, life may feel like a struggle.  It may be in a particular area of life, like your relationships, or battling your inner critic everyday. It might be a more underlying, deep sense that something is missing in your life. It might be all, or none of the above.

Perhaps the outside world seems so threatening and critical that it’s difficult to get motivated in the morning, let along work out what’s wrong.

You’ve coped, you’ve got this far but now you feel it’s the right time to get some help. Despite your best efforts, you’re stuck. Perhaps ‘coping’ is all you’ve felt you’ve done – and you’re seeking a deeper fulfilment. 

You’ve probably googled everything under the sun to try and help, knowing that the ‘one neat trick’ to help you feel better hasn’t quite lived up to its promises. 


Counselling isn’t ‘one neat trick’ – it involves a deeper commitment between you and me, to broaden our understanding of you and your world, how it’s lived by you. By accompanying you along the way, you’re able to cope better with obstacles, painful emotions and difficult experiences. Life begins to take on a different perspective and you begin to feel more resilient, more like yourself.

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